Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Eylure Naturalites Intense 148: Photos of lashes applied

Eylure Naturalites Intense 148 false lashes

I picked up these Eylure Naturalites Intense 148 false lashes today as I thought they'd be good for my hen do this weekend (argh by the way), but alas I don't really like the way they look from the front. From the top and side, they look great, but the outer lashes hang down and make my eyes look droopy and sad! A shame because they are really nice lashes. I find Eylure lashes the easiest brand to apply and the most comfortable to wear.

Below, whoops I didn't quite stick the right hand side on properly. It has slightly missed my eyelid and is actually stuck to the base of my lashes in the middle.

Eylure Naturalites Intense 148 false lashes top view

The lashes look very demure as long as no-one looks at me front-on. Haha.

Eylure Naturalites Intense 148 false lashes side view

Maybe I just have the wrong shape eyes for these lashes, but they just look weird from the front!

Eylure Naturalites Intense 148 false lashes front view

I bought these lashes for £5.95 from Boots.


  1. soooo beautiful. i am wondering if i have the skill of applying false lashes. i am itchy to try them out. these look super natural on you. i am not sure if we have this brand here.

  2. They give you doe-eyes from the front, and as you said, very demure from the front lol

  3. Hey I'm a new follower!
    I actually think these lashes look really good on you! I always like lashes that are a bit longer at the ends. Makes you look so glam!


  4. @Jojoba: Ah, but I bet you have loads of great false lash brands that we don't have in the UK!

    @Tammy: Yeah very demure... just as I always turn my head and look downward so no-one actually sees me from the front!

    @Julianne: Thank you for following! Haha and thank you for saying they look good on me! They're better some most other lashes I've tried... I just can't seem to find the perfect style!

  5. They look amazing! Very natural but with a bit of a kick. I'll check them out.

  6. They don't look too bad on you! But if you're looking for falsies, try Shu uemura, they have so many different types! You have really nice eyebrows, if you don't mind me asking, do you get them threaded? I love reading your blog! xX

  7. @Mercedes: Yeah I bet you'd be able to get them to look good!

    @PinkOrchids: Yeah I need to check out the Shu Uemura ones! I just pluck my eyebrows myself... I've never tried threading! In real life, close-up, I have loads of stray hairs under my brows! Actually, I realised *after* posting these photos how desperately my brows need a trim on the ends. Some of the hairs are so long!

  8. Lovely lipstick! :D The eyelashes do look droopy... maybe for that sultry come-hither sex kitten look? XD Bedroom eyes!

    I'm currently using PA lashes (japanese brand off imomoko.com) to train myself at putting them on and tolerating them for wedding shenanigans. :D

  9. @Faye: The lip colour is NYX Lip Pencil in "Mauve" (outline and filled in) and Estée Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss in "Simply Pink". I've only discovered that this combo gives a really good nude on me! Hahaha not really "bedroom eyes"... more like "pity me... I'm feeling really sad..." Ooh I bet there are loads of nice false lashes in Japan!

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