Friday, 4 June 2010

My summer look created by Ivan Castro of Le Métier de Beauté: Photos

On my lunch break today, I skipped over to Liberty for my eagerly anticipated appointment with Ivan Castro, Global Artist for Le Métier de Beauté, to learn about the new "Endless Summer" collection.  I was really looking forward to meeting Ivan (visiting from LA), whose background in the fashion, editorial and celebrity world is nothing short of impressive. And he didn't disappoint! Here are some photos from the session (click to enlarge), but read all the way to the bottom for my thoughts on the look he created...

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro applies base

Above, Ivan creates a perfectly luminous base using Soft Touch Tinted Moisturiser (shade 1), Classic Flawless Finish Concealer (shade 5), Classic Flawless Finish Loose Powder (translucent), Blushing Bronzed Duet (Traviata) and Bella Bronzer Liquid Illuminator.

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro applies eyeshadow

Above, Ivan uses True Colour Eye Shadow in "Jade" (jewel-toned emerald green) as a shadow liner.

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro applies eyeshadow as liner

Above, Ivan lines my lower eyes with True Colour Eye Shadow in "Jade" and "Platinum" (silver), and lines my waterline with Dualistic Eye Pencil in "Tamarack" (a glimmering, metallic bronze).

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro applies mascara

Above, my upper lashes are coated with Anamorphic Lash Mascara in "Midnight Blue" (a navy-black shade to highlight brown eyes).

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro applies lip colour

Above, my lips are lined and coloured in with Dualistic Lip Liner in "Rouge".

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro applies lipgloss

Above, Lip Crème Lip Gloss in "Manhattan" (beige nude) is dabbed on. A fantastic, non-sticky gloss.

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro finished look

Above, the finished look after a touch of True Colour Eye Shadow "Innocence" as a highlighter. (That "stuck-on" nose effect is from a spotlight directly above me... haha)

Le Métier de Beauté make-up artist Ivan Castro finished look with colour chart

Above, look how pleased I am with the completed face chart that Ivan creates for me!

I was wonderstruck with Ivan's attention to detail (even down to painstakingly creating the face chart as if it was a real face - loved that!) and approach to creating a look that would complement my features. My base was totally flawless, with a glow that made me look as if I'd been on a Maldivian holiday, thanks to the dewy tinted moisturiser and bronzing shades used to contour my face.

I also loved the jewel-toned emerald green and silver eye make-up Ivan used to enhance my brown eyes. I would never have thought to use those colours individually to line my eyes, let alone both together. But it looked fabulous and I couldn't stop admiring his perfectly drawn lines in the mirror. The navy mascara was a first for me too - it looks black on, but gives a secret little oomph.

Le Métier de Beauté is known for being priced at the premium end (face products cost between £40-£50, eye and lip products start from £20), but when you see and use the products in real life, you can see why they're not short of brand advocates. Every single product and colour has clearly been well thought through and artfully crafted. Remember when I raved about the Crème Fresh Tints?

If you need to perfect a glowy, bronzed look for the summer, have a gander at the Le Métier de Beauté counter next time you're near the Liberty London store, or online at where you'll find a limited selection of products. You won't be disappointed!

Oh, and a big thank you to Ivan for the beautifully constructed look and a brilliant time, and also to Olly, my favourite colleague who diligently took a gazillion photos of the session!


  1. Fab post! I love you Ivan!!! *screams*

  2. Absolutely stunning! I'm going to be near a counter tomorrow, I can't wait to see the line again. I really love everything I've bought from Le Metier :)

    Gorgeous look on you, thanks for sharing it!

  3. Lovely makeover! I would love to try their tinted moisturizer but it is such a pain in the behind to get to the nearest Le Metier counter. How is shade 1 different from shade 2?

  4. oooh, so excited to go along today now. Love the eye make-up he applied on you - looks lovely.

  5. Your skin looks absolutely flawless but then it again it does most of the time (jelouse) x

  6. awww very nice end results :D how very lucky u was hehe :) x

  7. You look fantastic - the eye make up is a masterpiece! Le Metier de Beaute is such an awesome brand.

    The Beauty Bite

  8. Lovely! I agree with everyone you look stunning. :D

  9. Aw, you're lucky your friend took (great) photos - love the third from the last with Ivan's reflection in the mirror. Very clever shot! The look he gave you is beautiful.

  10. Such a pretty makeover, I really rate Le Metier products, wish I was near Liberty's !

  11. Anonymous (above) - Shade 1 is warm toned and Shade 2 is cool toned (I have shade 2!)

    Helen, I went to meet Ivan yesterday too, he is very skilled. I didn't get a face chart though *sulks*. You look fantastic.

  12. Really stunning look created for you! The skin looks great. I've never tried their products but i want to :)


  13. Thank everyone for the always-nice-to-read comments! :-D

    @VexintheCity: I still laugh out loud every time I read your comment!!

    @Anonymous: Sarah has helpfully answered your question from me! "Shade 1 is warm toned and Shade 2 is cool toned (I have shade 2!)"

    @Sheenie: Haha yes it apparently took him ages to get that shot! He'll be pleased that you appreciated it!

    @Sarah: I think I only got a face chart because I kept asking the names/shades of everything over and over again because I was trying to memorise it all but failing.

  14. Can you explain how he used the Bella Illuminating Bronzer? After the loose powder or before? And where?

  15. can you please explain where he put the bella illuminating bronzer? probably forgotten by now like i would haha! absolutely stunning, considering buying into their products now xx


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